Markéta Navrátilová
Josefa Brabce 35, Ostrava 2, 70200, Czech Rep.
+420 605 844 478
Lyonnese Tarisiro Evelyn In Gold (female), D.O.B. Feruary 2, 2017 (import USA)

"Ivy" is the youngest in our dog pack. I went to exhibitions with Enny and Kerry and there I also watched a beautiful American dog called Kennebec Dream Come True (Piper), owners of Katka and Marek Vlček. His movement and character I admired, was perfect !!! That's when I decided to import of dog from the US. I contacted a very famous breeder in the US Maureen Tauber and her breeding station Lyonnese. After a long waiting and exchange of information with the breeder, the kennel was mated with a wonderful dog Lyonnese Ignite The Light with a beautiful female Kimani's Set In Gold ...less

Ivy was imported from the USA. I've always liked the American type of RR. However, importing a dog from the USA was very unrealistic for me, you could say completely sci-fi :-) I knew that importing would not be easy. The law and rules for an imported puppy from the USA are very strict, uncompromising and it is very difficult to comply with the quarantine conditions for a month and a half. The support of my family was very important and I owe them to my dream, which came true. For several years I studied the kennel "Lyonnese" and its mating, dogs, bitches, puppies, their health, nobility, beauty and movement. Maureen Tauber along with Debbie Holly and Theresa M. Lyons were at a distance my teachers through the American type of RR. I was waiting for my dream dog girl. The pedigree of both parents is full of very famous, healthy and beautiful champions and grand champions. E.g.: GCH CH Kimani´s Etched In Gold, DC Kimani´s Beat Of Mozambique SC, DC Kimani´s Flexible Flyer SC, DC Kimani´s Aires Above The Ground JC, GCH CH Adili´s American Idol JC CGC a CH Kimani´s Blue Chip Image JC. I really liked that dogs are not only beautiful and have success at shows, but above all they are healthy, they are living to a very old age. They are perfect family companions and love movement, mostly Coursing. By combining these qualities, Ivy "scores" at shows with her perfect forechest and wonderful movement when performing in exhibition ring. She loves coursing! Achieving a Coursing license was no problem for Evelyn. I would very much like to thank the "Lyonnes team" for trusting me and sending Evelyn on such a long journey to the Czech Republic. The trip was not easy and thanks to the Transport of animals "Taxi4Pets" - Pavel Šrotýř, Ivy was guaranteed perfect service and comfort during the journey. Thank you very much!!!

TESTS:Certificate of Coursing:ČP VI 577/2019
ED0/0Licence exams:Bravantice
Hemophilia Bnegative (Laboklin,from blood)
JMEClear (Laboklin,from blood)
DMClear (Laboklin,from blood)
MHClear (GenoCan,from blood)
EOADClear (projectDog)
A-LocusAy/Ay is the holder of black color (Laboklin,from blood)
D-LocusD/D (Laboklin,from blood)
B-LocusB/B (Laboklin,from blood)
RidgeR/r (GenoCan,from blood)
DNA PROFIL(Laboklin,from blood)

DUODANUBE Bratislava (SK)19.8.2017Baby classLenka Frnčová (CZE)VN3
DUODANUBE Bratislava (SK)20.8.2017Baby classOlga Dolejšová (CZE)VN2
KVP Dolní Benešov (CZE)3.9.2017Puppy classLenka Frnčová (CZE)VN1
DUO CACIB Nitra (SK)16.9.2017Puppy classŽeljko Lozič (RS)VN1
DUO CACIB Nitra (SK)17.9.2017Puppy classJos De Cuyper (BE)N
DUO CACIB Nitra (SK)9.12.2017Junior classVěra Dvořáková (CZE)VD
DUO CACIB Nitra (SK)10.12.2017Junior classTomasz Borkowski (PL)VD
Hanácká Národní výstava psů (CZE)13.1.2018Junior classIveta Vojteková (CZE)VD
MVP Praha (CZE)2.12.2018Intermediate classWeron Grzegor (PL)VD
MVP DUO CACIB Brno (CZE)3.2.2019Intermediate classMiroslav VáclavíkVD4
CAC Raciborz (PL)16.3.2019Open classPavel Osak (PL)VD1
CAC Národní výstava Ostrava (CZE)6.4.2019Open classLenka Frnčová (CZE)V2, Res. CAC
XVI.Klubová výstava ČKRR (CZE)12.5.2019Open classJohn Sigve Berg (SE)VD
Klubová výstava KCHRR (CZE)1.6.2019Open classSharon Rossiter (SCO)V
Klubová výstava KCHRR (CZE)2.6.2019Open classLisa Aitken (SCO)V
III.RRCH Club Show Hungaria - Nagytarcsa (HU)21.9.2019Open classJohn Sigve Berg (SE)V3
CAC Kecskemét - ráno (HU)22.9.2019Open classNoel Beggs (IRL)V1
CAC Kecskemét - odpoledne (HU)22.9.2019Open classJune Wall (IRL)V1, CAC, BOS
Speciální výstava SKCHRR Dun.Klátov (SK)19.10.2019Open classDawn Redman (AUS)VD
Jubilejní klubová výstava SKCHR (CZE)20.10.2019Open classS. Cameron-Codognotto (NZ)VD
MVP Nitra IDS Nitradog (SK)6.12.2019Open classLenka Frnčová (CZE)V
MVP Nitra Winner Show (SK)7.12.2019Open classMilada Krchňavá (CZE)V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
MVP Nitra Slovakia CUP (SK)8.12.2019Open classJozef Jursa (SK)VD4

Harmakhis Wisdom Kerry (female), D.O.B. September 3, 2007 (import Italy)

"Kerry" was born in the Italian kennel Harmakhis Wisdom. She was the first imported bitch I brought. I wanted a female who will have the most naturalness and genes from Africa. I waited for breeder Sara Venturelli to make the cover that I chose. Kerry's father is CH Hambabichana Insundu, born in Zimbabwe and beautiful mother is CH Harmakhis Wisdom Fibia . ...more

Alive Musafah´s Akawanga (female), D.O.B. September 15, 2005

"Enny" is our oldest "senior" grandmother. She was born in kennel Akawanga, breeder Petra Smékalová. Her awersome mother Lady Lee Rhodana comes from a very famous Czech kennel Rhodana. Father is beautiful and elegant dog Leoridge Musafahs, import Italy/USA, breeder Leonory A. Leal, owner Monika Tušanová. ...more